Verminator Pest Control LLC.
We are the metro areas premiere pest control company.  Other firms may just come and spray and lay down traps.  Not us!  We apply most of our chemicals outside to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals.  We offer basic and next level-type services to make sure your pest issues won't happen again.  

Got bed bugs?  Easy.  Without giving away our tried and true methods, we carefully perform a targeted crack an crevice treatment of your affected rooms and its all over.  We use growth regulators which inhibit their growth.

Got termites and ants?  No worries.  These little guys are easily controlled with perimeter sprays and perimeter soil treatments.

Mosquitos?  We offer lawn treatments for your residential or commercial properties.  If requested, we will use green chemicals that will not damage lawns and are safe.  We will tailor a program just for you!
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