Verminator Pest Control LLC.
Bed Bug Exterminator
We are a full service Bed bug remediation company. We don't just spray for bed bugs , we will stop the spread by applying a crack and crevice treatment to your baseboards and applying a chemical into your wall voids to stop the spread from room to room or apartment to apartment.

Next we carefully treat all of your box springs and mattresses to hit the bed bugs right where they breed, especially all tufts and folds of bedding. We will, of course, try and limit any inconvenience to our customers by targeting our pesticides deep in cracks and crevices. Out of site and out of mind.

Another great thing about our methods is that we will bag all affected clothing for you and place it in our treated bags for only 48 hrs to kill all bed bugs and their eggs. No spending tons of money at the dry cleaners.

Our methods are safe and effective and you will be able to sleep in the same treated beds that night!

If you're in need of a Bed Bug Exterminator then call us today with any and all of your concerns. Experience a level of service that will have you choosing us every time for your exterminator needs!
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