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Verminator Corp. is a highly respected company that provides pest control services to residences and businesses in Westwood, Montvale, Park Ridge, Manhattan, all of Rockland and Westchester counties, just to name a few areas.  Verminator Corp has been in business since 1996. We employ only the most modern equipment and methods around to help rid properties of pesky pests efficiently and effectively.

When the talented and experienced Verminator Corp. team gets rid of pests, they treat the locations surrounding the structures. They also close up the entry points. They sometimes do a combination of the two, as well. Our goal is to restrict all of the chemicals we use to voids and walls as well as use tamper proof stations that keep you and your family safe.

Some of our company's many top-notch specialties include bed bugs, termites, flies, wasps, bees, fungus gnats, fruit flies, carpet beetles, crickets, cockroaches, crickets, mice and rats -- the works. If you need us to assess your beds for the presence of bed bugs, we can help you there, as well. Our available services are broad and varied. We regularly help our clients combat termite problems in their homes. We're well-versed in termite soil treatments and use hollow block drilling.

Not only are our services comprehensive and dependable, but they're also extremely budget-friendly. If you're tired of worrying about high pest control prices, we can put your mind at ease right now. We always aim to provide our customers with pleasant, inexpensive and smooth experiences.  Some of our clients are even eligible for discounts. If you're a senior citizen who is at least 62 years in age, we can give you 10 percent off our pest control services. We also offer this same exact discount to individuals who work for the military or as firefighters or policemen.

If you're interested in recruiting our seasoned pros for their exhaustive pest management services, give us a call . After you call us, we'll arrange for one of our staff members to visit your workplace or residence in a confidential manner. Since our vehicles aren't  marked, our clients get the privacy they deserve. It isn't your neighbor's business if you have bed buds in your home !

People who want A+ pest control and customer service are certain to love what we do here at Verminator Corp. If you're sick of annoying ants and termites taking over your property, our perimeter soil treatments and sprays will make them things of ancient history for you. If you're frustrated by the presence of rodents in your home attic, we'll take care of that issue for you, too. As far as pest control goes, there's nothing we can't do here at Verminator Corp. Call us today for your complimentary quote.
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